SHADOW OF THE WIND. Book of poems and illustrations about the beauty of earth, nature, and love. By Rick Groat.

Art and poems by actor/writer Rick Groat, and his art students. A beautiful book made by Rick Groat, and his art students to be produced, printed, and sold for the support of special needs art programs in their local High School. “Will you speak for me? I have much to say, but words may not obey. And when I try, I sometimes cry silently, but smile even as you may not see, it is only me, and as my words are not found, I am bound to my lot, happy in my way. Will you be my voice?” Rick Groat.

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A family western action feature from award winning director Rick Groat of The Shooting, Terror on Shadow Mountain and Devil Rider.
Ride The Wanted Trail is a traditional western story that is loaded with action, and will have you wanting to jump on your horse and ride along.

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Irobe uses the lives of two vastly different children to teach a valuable lesson – what is really important in life.

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Our Star Chance bonding with our Creator Ron

Peter PeaceKeeper, The Movie

ADVENTURE, COMEDY, DRAMA Four teenage girls trying to save Kissy the chimpanzee, from being killed in a test to E-mail her!

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Journey of a Windcatcher

It’s all about the journey, listening and learning… Then, daring to tell the story that has never been told.

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The Seedling Movie

llumination Light Productions is proud to present our short film “THE SEEDLING,” which premiered at Cannes Film Festival and has also been shown at other prestigious international film festivals including La Femme International Film Festival. We are currently seeking to raise sufficient funds to produce the full length feature film version based on the short film which you can view at www.theseedlingmovie.com/film

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